Luxury Suites in Spetses

The old mansion house with arches, in keeping with the island’s traditions, was inhabited by a naval family without interruption. Its current owners recount wonderful, long summers, swimming in the salt water that makes the fish tasty, diving under the light of the lantern, a step from home, resting and eating and again going out to have fun until late at night.

Countless childhood memories, all sweet and lively, memories that became one with the house. The summerhouse with the arches and the unique position next to the boats, on the calm water. The summerhouse at the old port, their own Porto Vecchio.

σπετσες σουιτες
Πολυτελεις Σουίτες Σπετσες

The two-story house, old and new combined, renovated externally and internally to meet all the modern comforts and to respond generously to all the requirements of a cosmopolitan visitor, the people who lived and still live out there their long Greek summers and loved it as much as anyone and who took care of the smallest details.

Three (3) suites and a large home make up a total of four (4) luxury spaces of hospitality, all decorated with high aesthetics and a generous mood. Each space exudes the warmth and personal care of its owners, who cared for every detail for their future guests: From air conditioning and shading to the texture of household linen, curtains and other fabrics, from modern technological equipment to the ideally built kitchenette for breakfast and snacks and exemplary amenities and aesthetic bathrooms. All of Porto Vecchio’s stylish luxury accommodation attests to the relaxation and the well-being of the visitor. Everything relaxes the gaze, calms the senses, stimulates the good mood and delights body and soul. Enjoy…



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